When the spark strikes.

Author: | Posted on: August 21, 2013

The spark or the spirit can strike through any connection and help bring back to life past events and themes. 

Last week we were able to watch trance in action as spirit voice spoke out and vocalised a thought on what was taking place spirit side.

Trance is a light unconscious state that a medium can slip in and from that point when the mouth is opened spirit will be able to converse and interact.

This dialect intonation and native phrasing is picked and was last Wednesday peculiar in that it was not of modern speech but that of eighteenth century prose, more like an address the spirit spoke out with the following..

Fellow country and noble men, icons of my heart we are gathered here today to commemorate and celebrate our unity in our hopes, dreams and love for the world.

On this Wednesday we stand side by side in our joined energy for a better and lighter world where light and love is led by us.

We unite in love and peace with a shared link to what happens to people and gathering our combined energies for the benefit and good.

Trance is intriguing as it allows people to see spirit in the process of doing first hand.  When in trance spirit can relate to loved ones with personal messages and have even produced commentaries on historical villages, oral culture and lives lived.

I wanted to include this piece because it shares a vivid glimpse of what spirit can talk on as subjects close to our hearts and how relevant their advice, ideas and approach is.  Native American individuals have on first occasions spoken on nature and how means should be restored in order to preserve what we have at our disposal and professors, writers and artists who have passed all have highlighted what was crucial to them and what they aspire to from spirit along side their vision of how they wish to still instil their revolutionary stamp on our level of existence.

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