Level Two. Feeling OTT.

By Michelle Lloyd.

RV knew all about feeling OTT. Why? Well, RV had been an over-thinker, he believed since birth. It was very much about the little things with him and he felt he had to be on top of everything, nearly all of the time.

Feeling over the top reminded him about one afternoon at school. Having sat at the back of the class to think, it was when the talks were over that RV’s teacher went over to sit next to him. She asked him what was wrong as he looked extremely thoughtful and he told her that whilst he appreciated all the work that had gone into the show and tells, it had all made him decide that being an expert may just be too hard for him.

RV’s teacher asked what he meant by that and he explained that while there were subjects like maths that he knew he was more expert at than others, he was sure that he did not know all that there was about it and even more sure than he would not ever be able to show and tell his expertise as the parents had done. RV’s teacher assured him while it may look as if someone had all the answers no real expert did and actually learning was something that everyone had to do.

Being an expert meant that one could asses their own expertise in an area and improve on it, having all the answers was not an aim but using knowledge to the best of their ability was important. RV did not have to be OTT. Expertise could develop, RV’s teacher told him and whatever he chose to do, it was his experience and integrity that would give him that ability to show and tell about it. Thinking about it too much or worrying was not the best way as it overtook his potential to be far less stressed at achieving his own success.