About me

Michelle LloydMy name is Michelle Lloyd and I have a story to tell.

I live in Kent, in the UK. I have a BA (Hons) in English, American Literature and Creative Writing from the University of Kent. I have my own column in the international newspaper Psychic World. I am fluent in three languages, English, French and Farsi (Persian).

I am the author of Timothy Bloom’s Supernatural Adventure. The book has reached no. 8 on the best selling children’s books rating on Amazon and achieved five stars in review. “The Second Chance” is the second book in the trilogy and the books are available in all good book shops.

My personal story has been covered by Five News, the Sunday Express magazine and the local newspapers. I have a condition called Metatropic dysplasia which is very rare, affecting only a very few people around the whole world!

This has been one of the main reasons why I have written my series of books during the operations which I had to undergo at Great Ormond Street Hospital. One of the operations which had to be performed on me at the age of fourteen involved me having to wear a metal neck halo brace and plaster for eight months, it was a restrictive time but also an inspirational one as it showed me that life may not always be what you think but that doesn’t mean that you can not make your mark, define who you are and inspire others about what life can be.

I had to spend the recovery time on a bed in our living room and it was during those long days, whilst I was studying for my GCSE exams, that I desperately longed for something to help focus my energy and I found that source through writing my trilogy. Five News have followed my story on TV and the local papers have all featured articles surrounding the launch of the book which was attended by the whole community. People came together and it was wonderful to know that positivity was a cause for the collective gathering. I feel that having my books published has not only been a major literary achievement for me but a huge personal goal as well. I feel that having overcome many problems throughout my life including life threatening operations and having to face up to problems about my health with my family and to go on to have my books published highlights the fact that you should not let anything halt you and that you should always positively strive for your ambitions.

I feel that combining my own story with my books will be a positive step in providing hope for other people who may have been or still are in a similar situation to that which I have been in and hopefully it will provide a little hope that good things can come out of seemingly difficult situations.

I have also recently finished putting the final touches to some extremely interesting theatre scripts. I have now completed the third and final book in Timothy Bloom which completes the trilogy.