Meditation and the state of trance can be closely linked.  When one is about to embark on a trance sitting it is often preceded by a light wave of meditation.  Meditation is simply the relaxation of the body and mind and can be used to ease tension and as the first step or rung of the ladder into trance.  However meditation is much more than just a form of resting, it is usually the preliminary stage that one can use when embarking on any form of spiritual or physical trance.

I had never used trance of been involved in any kind of trance sitting until two years ago.  It was after I had started at the spiritual circle that I first approached a trance circle.  At first it was difficult to settle into the state of complete relaxation, I think it is a natural reaction for the body to retain certain worries and thereby it makes it tough to completely relax.  However, after I had tried I found that after relaxing for a while the state of meditation can be physically profound.

Even if you never try trance it can sometimes be a very rewarding experience to endeavour upon a meditation.  Meditation helps with any kind of strain or stress.

Below I have included a few meditation and relaxation exercises which might be helpful for you.

Spiritual Exercise:

Relaxation techniques:

It is important to sit in a comfortable position when partaking on these small exercises which are inspired to help to bring peace, positivity and vitality in.

Healing the inside of yourself is a vivid way of feeling a more positive outlook on situations which surround you.  These do not have to be major conflict issues even small situations which create stress can be helped.  Not only do you draw upon positive concepts through this exercise but also gain from a lighter link which will expand your potential.

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.  On each intake of breath visualise a calming white light.  The light is at first only a dot but as you take each breath the light starts to expand.  This white light becomes your focus point and as you clearly see its light growing larger the edges of the light become brighter and start to take on a colour tinge.  This colour can be blue, green or golden and represents the healing light which will influence your mood.  With your eyes closed lightly feel this light overtake the top of your head and from your crown down to your toes.  Concentrate on this light for a maximum of ten minutes and then see yourself walking slowly towards a woodland.  Once you see yourself walking towards this area, visualise a fountain of water slowly dripping down on you.  You can start to feel the water covering your body, everywhere the water touches starts to feel more awake and more energy filled.  Stand under this water for a maximum of five minutes and then slowly leave the peaceful woodland and fountain behind you as you start to float back to yourself and back to your conscious state.  Slowly start to blink open your eyes.  Now you will be back within yourself and should start to feel fresh and energised.

Animal relaxation –

Energy is filled within the animals we have around us.  Not only do we give out energy in our love filled actions towards our animals but we also benefit from their particular energies each time they draw close.  It is important to be able to build on any relationship we have with our animals in a positive light.

Close your eyes and take a few deep and resonating breaths.  On each intake of breath visualise an open expanse of land, or a bare room.  The space will be empty and the open land simply an arid piece of earth.  The colours are simple and basic in two shades.  You are standing or sitting upon this land.  In the distance allow your mind to see a tiny, a small shaft of light.  There is a light wind which brushes your cheek.  The colour of the light will not be visible but as the light starts to come close to you a shape will start to materialise.  Within this light you should start to see a shape which will move and grow closer.  With your eyes closed and your breaths formatting a calm pattern you should start to see the animal form in front of you start to take physical shape.  This animal should be an animal form which you feel a link with and therefore start to feel calm in being around.  As you visualise you will feel the fur, hair, outer layer of the animal around you and you will be able to visualise the basis of its expression.  Let the light surrounding the animal take shape.  Once you feel you can see the outline of your animal start to walk with it through the open land and down to an open field.  This field is covered in luscious grass which allows you both to roam free and bathe in the bright colours.  Allow the strength of the colours to cover you and as you draw close to your animal allow its energy to take shape in front of you.  After five minutes start to breath deeply and then slowly open your eyes.  You should feel back to your conscious level in a positive and happy state.

Be positive with every step.  Visualise the successful surroundings which will become your home.

Try to envisage the positivity you contain within yourself.  Inspire those around you with words of happiness and feel the same contentment wash over you like a waterfall of energised colours and feelings.

You can take these tasks on and complete them with an element of satisfaction.

You are as good as you allow yourself to be and remember that your persona is a foundation for happiness.

The green shoots of growth, success and joy are all at your fingertips and are so vulnerable to the elements.  Try to take care of these green, shoots and leaves so that they will flourish with your tender care and positivity.  If these green shoots grow then you will find that your circumstances are solid, happy and full.

Do not worry.

Worry and stress create negative elements and barriers in our everyday route.  Worry is one of the grey colours and clouds the decisions that we make and sets up barricades in our successful ambitions and ideals.

Note – It is so important to use calm techniques and get rid of worry so that we can clear our way in the pursuit of happiness.

It is hard to succeed if we set up our own negative hills.

It is important and integral to radiate your affection in the most natural and love filled way.  Show your affection with a smile on your face and you can obtain smiles and love from those around you.

Be happy and fulfilled in everything that you take on.