Spirit partners.

Author: | Posted on: April 10, 2013

Spirit partners are the guides in spiritutal beings who come to assist people in life.  This piece is to define the role spirit entities might take and to summarise what a spirit guide is and just how they can help when you feel you are alone or have a problem no other soul can put right.  

Clear intentions sent or put out to a spirit energy are usually heard by them and if straightforward can be aided by them. 

A spirit guide is there simply to guide.  Not giving of anything other than his or her patience and love.  There are many names for these spiritual entities such as Guardians or angelic beings.  Doorkeepers or Gatekeepers are often mentioned in relation to those energies who serve with a focus on keeping spirits from crossing one level to another.  While spirit guides help walk spirits from this life to the next, it is the role of the partner spirit the doorkeeper to watch over, moniter and maintain the boundaries of this level from any other.   

Spirit guides are vital as they are the ones who offer aid, help and additional vision to mediums, multiple denominations who work with spirit and also to people who do not openly see them but to whom they give their love and support.

Ancestral Guides

Ancestral Guides are energies who have some form of kin to you.  It can be someone who knew you in physical life or has a blood bond to you.  Some feel that these spiritual guides are positive, angelic beings and are there to assist and give direction.  Some faiths view the spirit loved ones of this nature to be reincarnated people who have lived a life before.

Ascended Masters

Ascended Masters have an intention to help humanity.  It is common to hear of this name in regard to those who work with channelling or healing through energy.  For example Reiki or other types of energy attunment and focus in energy which can physically make an improvement.  These spirit individuals are believed to have lived a life on the Earth before and had physical connections.  The beings for instance Buddha or similar individuals are through the time of their passing able to live on a higher level and quite often do not assist on a singular basis but with a collective group.  Foundations for particular practices such as Reiki do work with these specific spirits and it is not uncommon for these Masters to have access or distribute inherent information from something called the Akashic Records or Master Teacher guides and these are in themselves the map or chart if you like of the inner workings of the lives lived on this level.   

Spirit Guide or teacher guide

Representative and symbolic spirit guides often come to assist in the area of life that help is needed the most.  Archetypal individuals that can denote the form of a role, a warrior, wise person or even story teller the spirit guide who comes in this guise does so with a purpose in mind.  These spirit energies will endeavour to give instruction or aim on a chosen journey and offer light on problem solving, showing a path or boosting confidence and supportive words at the right time.  These astounding spirit guides choose to devote themselves to enhancing specific lives based on what is needed and quite regularly are heard as offering insight through meditation or dreams and their time with someone might only last as long as it is required.  

Animal guides

It is not uncommon to hear people say or attest to sensing an animal which was once loved to still come in to be beside them from spirit.  Animal guides are usually companions.  In many lives animals that have had a role in any shape with an individual may still want to be around that person while they adapt in an animal’s passing and not want to leave them for a while.  Many Native American and Shamanic traditions have a knowledge which proclaims that animals can come to be around us in the shape of a totem and that this helps them in the protection and guidance of individuals.

No matter which classification of spirit guide is the one who gives you that little push in the right line of life and encourages, offers that happiness which can come to you when you least expect it, each being who chooses to surround you with their light and love is astounding.  Remember to always be clear with the aims you have and with what you would desire most to happen for you because it is then and only then that the spirit guide you have can start to work towards it from their side.     

Spirit guides bring up a lot of questions for people and many can ask if these spirit energies accompany us through our lives does this mean they are with us even at our most personal or private times.  Spirit guides are not body guides but spirit helpers who live their existance with devotion from spiritside but they stand with us in a protective capacity and not a physical perspective.

Love, aim to aspire and achive.  Spirit you will find can enthuse you in all these aspects and moreover the spirit guide which you have can always expand upon your success and make your trials less troublesome and your joys much more worth having.

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