Spirit and Spirit controls.

Author: | Posted on: July 3, 2013

There are times that need that little bit of extra help to be brought into our lives and when we find that we are put in a situation of extreme anxiety or believe we are alone.

We are never alone.  Never are we truly left to bare situations by ourselves it is just a matter of knowing how to connect and ask for the right assistance at that moment.

Getting to know about your spirit guide is not just a question of knowing that there is someone who watches over your life and steps in if you are in precarious instances of distress but it is also about understanding that there are specific spirit entities who can give that bit of what may be observed as luck when it is asked for by someone.

The idea of a Guardian or a spirit aid is not a new one.  For centuries people have often spoken of some person to whom they pray, or look to for assistance when they need it the most.  These divine being stepping up often displaying miraculous intent.

The spirit guides, who we are all born with, come with identities and fully formed personality aspects which can either mirror or match that of your own.  This is a useful means to them being able to taper or blend with your own energy when you are extremely sad, in pain, anxious or stressed.

Spirit guides or controls can help to control the surrounding issues which unfold around you and they are if you think of them as such the beings who know you the most, can tell your heart’s desires from what you show to the rest of the world and who know you from the inside out. 

There are many ways of finding out who your spirit guide may be but the most important issue to address is that of relating to this energy as something which you can feel easy to be around, to ask their assistance and to turn to if you so wish.

Meditative steps to engaging and knowing your spirit aid is often the easiest method to use.  It is vital to go to a calm, quiet spot where you can get comfortable and close your eyes.  Start to breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth in strong fluid breaths and as you submerse yourself into this cycle imagine seeing in your mind’s eye a small circle of white light.  The light should keep growing until it takes up your view and then from it you will see a field of open meadows, a short walk will have you approaching a babbling stream and it will be here that you notice a waterfall of rushing water.  Step over the bridge under foot and stand under the cove so that the water will be streaming gently by your side.  You should feel happy and relaxed as the next few heart beats that you hear from your self will be as long as it takes before you feel someone approach you.  In your heart ask for your aid to be aware that you would like to know them and slowly words or images will fill your mind.    

It may take a number of attempts or it could be the first meditative encounter which shows you who your aid is but it is worth doing as you can start to be aware of how much protection and love these individuals will bring.

I myself think that without my affinity life could be hundreds of times harder than it is.  Having a little hand to show which turning one should take and if the things you want to do will be fortuitous in life is immeasurable in its value.   

Once you rely on the emotional and physical things that become possible it is difficult to ever think of yourself as alone. 

Driving in a car to a building where there will be no available vacancy for your car is one of those occasions where you can ask that same energy to ensure there is not only somewhere for you to drive into when you get to your destination but that it is the most suitable place for you. 

If you lose something and do not have long to find it again enlist the same one who stays close to you and it will definitely be found.  Give it a try and be astounded.

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