Author: | Posted on: April 3, 2013


Spirit can touch anyone and regularly intervene in life when they are most called upon or that link pulls them in to be beside the ones they love. 

As individuals we speed through moments and sometimes forget to appreciate or remember the ones who have supported or at those times of crucial juncture been there to cushion or show us the way we need to go.

In remembering loved ones spirit can feel and do see these thoughts.  Cherished times are thought of by spirit and can be the strongest ties between individuals.

Love is not lost when a person passes to spirit.  It is a phase which does not divide but simply transfers the love and individuality to a different level of life.

In being alive there is a certain link which unites everybody and that is the lives we all lead with all the different and varying sense of what is important but still a base need for love and care.  Being aware of others and just checking on friends, people around you and those you know may require a little aid is what matters and can mean something special.

An extension of friendship or a warm word to someone may make the difference to them.  

Life is an experience and each turn or dip is felt and causes us to either take it to heart and impede on the way we are or to understand that it in itself can be the reason to become a stronger, better and more defined person.  Whenever an event or some important act should come into a life it can be a time which makes us feel alone or without the connection of others but it is in fact at these seconds in life that we are surrounded by the energy and love of many spirit.    

Remember perspective is gained when one passes and the energies of those loved ones can support and be a guiding light to watch us near and from afar whilst we go about daily lives.  We dote in life on the relationships we can visually focus on and know to be there but just as vital are the links we had to those in the past, the energies which can not always be physically sensed but can give that helping hand just as poignantly and vividly.

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