Pets in spirituality.

Author: | Posted on: September 6, 2011

Animals and pets do live on in the spirit world.  On passing pets become young, vibrant and whole again and await the time when you come home. 

During a loss of a pet so much grief can be felt.  Often pets are not just animals who give love but are felt as included in a unit.  Be that unit a family, a couple or just a bond between humans and animals.  Animals can be precious and often when a pet passes it can be a horrific time.  Animals also have fantastic ability for spiritual sense and quite often people can witness that dogs, cats and other pets display what is termed as a supernatural or spiritual gifts.  Many examples can be a dog who stops and appears to know when his owner is about to arrive home.  Even when the time has been differed and people due to a reason arrive late it has been made clear that the animal knows exactly when that person is due to come to the door.  Animals express many wonderful senses and as a result it is quite easy to witness an animal become a special extension of your household.

People ask if pets also go to the spirit world.  Yes, they do and even moreover the pets you know and love once more become healthy and happy.  In readings, it has been seen, that animals that have passed frequent an aesthetically pleasing land which is green and has the same comforts, sights and smells as keeps them occupied.  Pets do find one another.  Often in this green field, many pets are seen and can be related to their owners, all together.  Pets also feel happy there and although they miss their owners they know that once that person has passed they can join them.  When it is the right time, when it is the appropriate moment for the person to join their pets and have gone to spirit then pets can spot their owners.

Animals have been known to visit their owners on occasion from spirit, at special times such as anniversaries and at times of need when they can once again bring comfort to their beloved owner.  Yet again another evidence to show love never dies and the same way that they live on in our hearts forever, their owners live in their hearts too.

Animals and pets that have gone to spirit are able to live on in a level of spirit which allows them to be happy and healthy.  Even though we feel parted from our animals when they pass to spirit, it is helpful to know that their little ways, habits and loves do not stop, they are content when they pass and relay their love once more when it is the moment for them to join us.

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