Inspiring beauty account.

Author: | Posted on: August 23, 2011

Physical spiritual event show themselves in different forms; this most beautiful case features around something which is so close to our hearts.  My love for animals includes rare species to those who live right next door.  In this case our feeding local foxes turned into an event which actually shows how linked this is to spiritualism.

We feed the foxes and the family of adults and cubs who live in the bushes adjoining the fields and park which are close to us.  The foxes are so beautiful, very clever and alert.  Due to our feeding, they have developed a sense for the time for when food is distributed and even know how to knock on the door.  The actual family of foxes are very secretive, and feeding them is important but we also ensure that the foxes are kept wild and their instincts first to be natural.  This is why glimpsing them and the bond which has been built up between human and the fox so special.  After having fed them on many occasions, it was on one night when the mother fox showed itself to my Dad and then following this came right up to the front garden and brought each individual cub up to show to us.  It was so pretty a time and moreover it was such a calm yet exciting experience.  Our feeding them continued and then this most beautiful occurance took place: we have a special bowl which is designated for the fox’s food and also a tray where everything is set out, on this occasion following an evening where we had placed food out for them, we went to the tray in the morning and found this one piece of stray food which is shaped in the form of a heart. 

Each time after feeding them we clean out the tray and the top counter so finding this stray piece and more exactly in the form of a heart could not have been a clearer kind of expression of love returned and a piece of special, beautiful spiritual physical.   

Following this episode, which was brilliant evidence itself, my Mum had been wearing a night shirt with a large heart shape on the front, in the morning we were going about getting ready when she bent over and something caught our eye as it fell from my Mum’s shirt.  On closer inspection, I was shocked and we were delighted to see that for a second occasion we had been left another heart shaped piece.

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