Inspirational remedy for flu.

Author: | Posted on: August 27, 2011

 Close member of circle, dear friend, medium/healer, John, has been presented by spirit with an instruction which could help the cold and flu without the need for medication.  This has been tested by many and seen to provide fantastic results.

Since we are approaching Winter, with no doubt a few of us, will encounter colds we thought that you might like to share this healing instruction by spirits.

The Cold Preventitive

If in the presence of someone with a cold; (ie sneezing, coughing, bad throat ect) or you already have a cold yourself, try the following symbols which I was told of many years ago.

I have found them to be very effective over the years.

Imagine a triangle in the air in front of you and beneath this a verticle line.

Under this place a circle.  (fig 1).  The three symbols are seen together as in figure 2.

It dosen’t seem to matter what colour you see them in.

Saying the words Lu va meh ( pronounced ‘loo var may’ )  to yourself place yourself in the circle.  (fig 3)  Imagine that the energy from the tilted traingle is flowing ( the line) down to you in the circle.  Repeat the words to yourself several times and then let the symbols go.

Repeat throughout the day when you think about it for a few seconds if you have a cold.

Repeat a few times when with someone with a cold that you do not want to catch.  (they will not know that you are doing this.)  Repeat again when you get home.

Maybe do it again just before sleep.  I hope that it works for you as it has for others.

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  1. Prudence says:

    I’m impressed! You’ve managed the amlost impossible.

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