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Author: | Posted on: August 11, 2011

Near death experience.  Thanks to John, a close circle member, I would like to share a wonderful piece from a lady’s account of what her near death experience showed in relation to spirit.

A lady was suffering with massive organ failure and rushed into hospital.  Laying on a bed with a husband by her side she found herself drifting into unconsciousness.  It was at this time that she felt her spirit floating and she reported having heard a talk between her husband and her doctor from all the way down the hospital corridors, in the conversation she could hear the doctor saying that it was a serious situation and that her tests would be looked at so they could establish the condition.  It was as this was happening that the lady said that her spirit seemed to leave her body and her floating sense became more so until she felt as if she had left her self away behind her, during this period she states that she felt an overwelming sense of contentment and it was as if pieces of a puzzle started to fit together and she started to feel as if she could gain some perspective.  The lady states that whilst she felt as if she was floating it was all coming clearly to her that she had the ability to see how people fitted into her life, what her purpose was, why she had become ill and indeed how this would affect those around her.  All too soon she reported seeing her husband as if he was in a plane and feeling as if she had a choice as to wether she should go back and rejoin her life.  It was almost as if she was told that she had a choice and she knew that if she chose to go back then her test results would come back and clearly show that her organs returned back to normal function and if she chose not to then she would have results which would show massive organ failure and she would slip away right there.

  Having chosen to return the lady felt her spirit go back and as her eyes opened she saw her husband by her side.  The doctors rushed into the room and he had a smile on his face as he was happy to state that her test results had come back indicating that she had propper organ function; the doctor could not explain what had happened to her and was shocked.  The lady made a swift recovery after this episode and her health improved rapidly.

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