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Healing is the most widely known and spoken of practice in spiritualism.  There are many different classifications of healing also known as psychic linking, spirit healing, stone therapy and many energies and channelling forms of treatment.

When someone is in need of aid it is usually a condition which can be somewhat made easier or lighter to cope with if spirit give a helping hand.  Spirit can and are practical influencial energies which often miraculously speed or effectively give results in any treatment.

Any spirit healing can be done alongside conventional medicine.  It is best when spirit are allowed to help as a enhancer if you like to treatments which are being taken.

Just feeling spirit presence can sometimes assist in lifting depression, negative outlooks and ill feeling.

Many spiritual healers are simply the middle person between spirit and the person who needs assistance.  They do not have to put hands on the area but instead put their hands above the person and allow spirit to channel their energy directly into the individual thereby giving soothing repair instantly.

Not physically restricted often spirit can delve deep and bring cell structure back into alignment or go more sensitively to the spot where help is needed.  When an individual has this spiritual healing they report usually feeling cool or warm senses and a tingling over their bodies.

Blue is a significant tone to use when practicing any form of healing as it is the shade which spirit indicate offers healing help.

Harry Edwards was one of the world’s best thought of spiritual healers.  He helped numerous case and cause of paralyses, illness and ailments.  Spirit would demonstrate in partnership with him and unite by giving their energy whilst Mr. Edwards would use his physical dimension to make real improvements to individuals.

Many individuals have looked to spiritual theory as a way of supplementing the care they are already having.  Non invasive and positive, the influence of spirit is something which when felt can never be thought of to be anything other than remarkable.

Having an open mind is crucial but when spirit healing is given it not simply remains as physical cures but also is a vital step towards understanding that this kind of energy is there to reassure, provide rapid answers to difficult health trauma and give that moment of relief.

You can try spirit therapy on an individual scale and sit somewhere calm and quiet keeping in mind a tranquil location ideally seeing in your mind a waterfall near to where you sit and see your whole being covered in a blue light soothing you from top to toe but ceasing and becoming darker upon places on your body which feel stressed or hurt.  After a few minutes of letting the muscles be bathed in this light you should slowly open your eyes allowing yourself to feel refreshed.

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