Happy christmas.

Author: | Posted on: December 12, 2012

First happy christmas to all.  Spirits enjoy the festival of good will and merry moments as it is a time which sees loved ones rejoyced and willing to participate in positive and restored pass times.   It is a spiritual essence in these gatherings and a small thought to our connection to each other which truly brings over the sincere sentiments of Christmas. Remember one kind thought turned into one nice word which in turn becomes one good action will be enough to transform the whole world. 

We can so easily ignore that even the mighty rushing rivers noticible in the stregnth it has began one day as a small flowing stream.

Sometimes it is good to know that every stream started off one day as a tiny bubbling creak.

The miniture creak began from one individual tiny drop of water.

The water from where our life is sprung joins in an interconnected mass of networks and we unite to make each fragment whole.

Christmas is a special time hence it is usually in this season that people who we do not often see as much as we would like can come join in the embrace of loved ones.  The trimmings, festive decor from the lights to the sprig of mistletoe all collate to unite in an ensemble which welcomes the true meaning of the Noel in.

Years may have come and gone but the Christmas celebrations still cry out to all to look to others and know that someone is looking out for them.  Living in a pace and speed is essential but during this festival it is time to stop, consider our places and feel.

Queen Victoria is much thought about when we learn about historical allusions to the decorations we put around us and to some extent just accept as a natural element of the Christmas period.  It is accurate that Prince Albert was one primary founder of supplying the inititive for the main look of our festivals but prior to this one young Queen who was married to King George III also helped to aid in our asthetic and deeper sentimental application of joy and happiness into our homes.

Christmas has always had a significant situation in the hearts and minds of nations, eras and as far back as the Anglo Saxons the season was given credance and issued as a matter and cause for happiness.  Although it was not known as or by the name we now give it and more aptly for the year was entitled Midwinter it still had a marked and traditional place in peoples’ hearts.

The application of Christmas and to some part the celebrations we partake are reminders of bygone periods of time, lives sat around one another and the spirit we evoke through uniting with family and friends.

Someone once said that the greatest present which one could receive was the look and love found in giving.  Life can cease from the worries, strain and endurance at Christmas because it is then which spirit can come into action in the most astounding of means, lock out all the negativity by letting your own positivity alight.

Spirit can lift hearts and this is shown no better than when they touch the lives of those on this Earth through a message, a word to the past or acknowledgment of their futures to come.  Spirit, show their own adoration of this season.  We wish that you may experience the festival of light and devotion through the most extraordinary of methods.  May all your longed for wishes come to fruition and for all come the most merry of days.      

Pic is taken from online encyclopedia.  Please know that we can alter the lives around us and make good from what we have as long as we have the passion in our hearts to do so.  

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