Elevated spirit.

Author: | Posted on: May 1, 2013

In this article I would like to talk about the part that certain spirit, energies and presence can have in lives.

The elevated energies or spirit, the higher energies who help to offer speech in a trance and physical circle often watch our lives and give input.

It is to these supportive guides we go when we need help in seeing, clarifying or gaining information about the spiritual domain.

Many times in a trance session these energies have offered assistance in talking to particular members or picking up on the activities which are to occur and help by defining what spirit are doing and how it can be investigated.

We all are born with aids, spirit and beings who watch our daily lives.  It is important to remember the joys of the past, embrace the vibrance of the present and the thrill of the future to come because these dedicated loving figures attempt each day to accomplish this.

The problems small or big are all subjects which can be talked over with these beings, just sense their love and ask for assistance.  Nine times out of ten you will get your response sooner than you think and in a better way than you can ever imagine.

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