Crystals and their colours.

Author: | Posted on: October 17, 2012

Crystal energy can be used to heal, boost energy and aid in well being. Crystals are powerful tools which can be tapped into and used as a source for increasing the body’s own healing processes. Crystals just as with other important objects and beings have their own energy capsules which can also be known as an aura.  These auras which can be read and interpreted as to their meaning through colour can be influenced to help the body’s own level of healing and physicality.  Having been used over many centuries these small and sometimes larger shards of crystal can be vital in balancing and enhancing the energy around you.  It is especially important when connected with the seven main Chakras and their colours because as explained on this site before when these main points are interacted with correctly a wealth of healthy and full states of living can be opened.

Crystal energy helps to bring awareness of the more spiritual and emotional side of life.  It not only can help in the form of crystal healing and therapy to concentrate on highlighting illness or imbalance in the body but can also bring focus to more psychological or internal aspect.  Often the type of crystal can be crucial as to how it can influence and aid the biological senses.  The crystal can choose the individual and this is through a combination of feel and intuition.  When a person holds the one be it Quartz, which is the most well known, or not as commonly thought of as Agate or Chrysophrase.. a feeling or extreme energy link in the form of tingling or vibrating can sometimes be noticed on the hand.

Finding the correct crystal for the right person is undoubtedly the first step in ensuring that it will suit and increase the health of that case through the quickest route.  Some individuals procure crystals which have been cut, polished, tumbled or simple stones set into jewellery.  The style is not as important as the actual element.  Essences can also be strewn in water and this productive but carefully prepared water can be dropped into a bath or drunk.

The following chart is useful in finding out which crystal correlates with which chakra in the body.  This can then be taken at your own pace and instrumental in bringing an extra sense of stability and success into your quest for full health and happiness.

Crown Chakra – violet

This is the head and upper bod chakra which uses the crystals; Amethyst, Apophyllite, Ametrine and Prehnite.

Amethyst –  Can aid your spiritual awareness.  It brings a connections to the higher ideals and concepts.  It helps to enhance peace as an element in your life and gives solid focus ideas.

Apophyllite – Helps rid negative energies.  It brings a balance between the physical and spiritual realms.  The uncertainty in you can be aided by this.

Ametrine –  Enhances your instincts and nervous condition.

Prehnite –  Takes from you fears, anxiety, nightmares and phobia.  It encourages you to be selfless.  It gives more understanding of higher levels.

The Brow chakra –  Indigo.  The crystal concerned here will be the Diamond, Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, Smokey Quartz and Angelite.

Diamond – Spiritual liberty.  It gives integral priority, insight and justification.  It gives strength throughout the body.

Lapis Lazuli –  Reveals inner truth, wisdom and honesty.  It gives a stream of poignancy and comprehension of the past and history.

Sodalite –  It can be very beneficial for the throat.

Smokey Quartz –  It gives tolerance and helps sobriety, pragmatic resolve and realism. 

Angelite –  Aka the awareness stone.  It helps to bring telepathic communication qualities.

The throat Chakra – blue.  This equates to the crystal Moonstone, Sapphire, Aquamarine, Turquise and Kayanite.

Sodalite – Also referenced above in Brow chakra helps us find truth.  It calms and brings peace whilst giving irradiation of nightmares and phobias.

Moonstone – Helps to balance emotions and bring composure.

Aquamarine – Givers of harmony to the Thyroid.  It is best for allergy suffers as it can aid Hay fever or allergies and in its place offers serenity.

Sapphire –  Gives better understanding of fears and helps with communication skills.

Turquise –  It helps with viral infections and anti-inflammatory.  It gives relief to cramps and is a powerful healer of the anatomy.

Kayanite – It inspires a Universal energy and is significant in its assistance of the Crown, Throat and Brow chakras.

The heart chakras and its Crystals are Emerald, Jade, Aventurine, Rose Quartz, Agate and Dioptase.

Emerald –  It shows harmony, friendship and unconditional love.  It can assist the respiratory system and immune part of the body.

Jade – Balanced and calm it detracts from anxiousness.  Tranquil in nature it helps kindness and nurturing.

Aventurine –  It regenerates the cardiac areas.  It improves tolerance and patience.

Rose Quartz-  Promotes self worth.  First it nurtures loving oneself and then compassion towards others.

Agate – A good healing property which generates the bond between the life and the ethereal angles.

Dioptase – Lends itself to focusing the heart and solar plexus energies.  It turns negative to positive.

Solar Plexus chakra – yellow

Amber – Stomach, gallbladder, spleen and liver.  It can help with these areas and give confidence.

Citrine – Stimulate digestion and relieves from oppressive conditions.

Malachite – de-tox, liver and travel sickness.  It discourages inhibitions.

Topaz- restores energy to the solux plexus.

Rhodonite – Gives aid to shock or trauma and denotes love and forgiveness.

Rhodochrosite – Rebirth and focus on painful spots in life will with this stone give new ideologies.

Sacral Chakra –Orange

Bloodstone –  A part of the Jasper family.  It gives creativity and intuition.

Orange Calcite –  Fortifies the bladder and aids in reproduction organs.

Chrsyoprase –  Trust and independence.  Helps with fertility and gives contenment so that we can move on with issues.

Carnelian –  Aids Artheritus, Rheumetism and depression.  Donates energy and negates apathy.

Base Chakra –Red 

Hematite – Retores blood flow, strengthens vitality and aids pain avoidance.

Ruby – drives away sadness.  It detracts from melancholy and gives enthusiasm and aids circulation for protection.

Garnet- Stimulates the metabolism.

Jasper – Grounds the concepts which may become daydreams and gives solid basis to life.  It devotes itself to circulation.

Apatite – It encourages the spirit and aid with movement, energy levels and progress will be made with plans.



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  2. Glen says:

    Hi, I have a similar prlobem as Christina, except I have cleased my rose quartz, with sea salt as well as with prayer. My prlobem is that I get a feeling of anxiety and nervousness when I place the rose quartz between my breast and a feeling of heart burn and compression when I place it against my spine (in the heart area). The most peculiar part is that it doesn’t always happen immediately, but may happen a few hours afterwards. I’m pretty confident that it’s from the rose quartz because this never happens to me when I don’t wear the rose quartz. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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