Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: September 2, 2015

Survival of spirit.

When one goes to see a medium or aims to explore the idea of spirit it is often because they have a desired cause and this instigates their aim to have a response to their fears, belief or idea.  People have there own beliefs as to if there is survival after someone has passed.  These beliefs can come from discussions, past cultural or societal links, experiences or fear.  Although one may have their own view, people will sometimes aim to investigate their opinion themselves and try to make their own judgement from what they note.

Mediums will often refer to something called a survival of spirit.  This term is a reference to the information which is passed over to someone in a reading or demonstration.  The information which should be referred from spirit to people who would like to talk with them by the medium is in itself evidence.  This information should be something only the spirit or spirits and the people to whom the information is being informed would know.  Any evidence should be verified and only then can it be proof of survival of spirits.

It is important for any information given in a reading or demonstration, in fact any claimed information from supposed spirit should be able to be verified by someone.  Only then can it be stated as evidence of spirit.

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