Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: August 26, 2015

Fear of spirits?

What is your idea of a spirit?

Spirits can be noted in many different forms.  There are accounts of spirits seen as an apparition, claimed as unexplained paranormal activity and evident sights, smells or sounds pertaining to someone who has passed.

Any evidence of supposed spirits or spirit activity has to be investigated before it can be classed as a spirit experience.  There has to be more than an assumption or possible link.  There are numerous sightings, claims of notable experiences and suggested photographic proof of unexplained forms, partial formations of faces, physical forms and scenarios which defy practical explanation.

Spirits have been noted as partial or full forms of people with likeness to that of individuals in life.  There have been partial or full materialisations of spirits noted in photographic evidence, on camera footage and in personal accounts.

A lot of the experiences of claimed spirit can come from little known of explained occurrences and fear.   It is natural to fear the idea of spirits as often in films and books there is an effort to convey anything spirit as frightening or to be feared.  Spirit experiences are more often than not interesting and have no overlap to what one may see in a film version of what spirits are.  What accounts for a spirit experience can be as different as the many claimed versions of spirit evidence and often the account is not as fearful as it is of interest for all who investigate it.

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