Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: July 8, 2015

Spirit can link to reminders of life.

People ask if spirits know the life they once had.  Spirit do refer to the people who were in their lives, to information about events, incidents which made them smile and to things which sometimes remind people of the love they had for them.

Spirits are the people you knew in life.  The events, incidents and the lives they had are not lost but are kept as the reminders just as the everyday ideas one has of what is important.

Reminders can come in many forms.  In readings spirit may refer to names or events.  There may be a wedding, a birth or a birthday that spirit would like to reference and that link in itself will validate their love for people.

Just because someone has passed that does not mean who they are is still not linked to the life they once had.  The love for the people, the places and the incidents is not lost in a passing, people can still evidence who they were and what reminds them of their life.


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