Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: June 3, 2015


Recently there has been an interesting reference to animals on ITV, not only have animals and their abilities in life been looked at but animals and their importance to people’s lives was at the heart of the report.

It is interesting to note that practically every animal known to man has a link to how we live our lives.  In certain countries specific animals are held as religious symbols which define how people live their lives, their own lives looking after these animals are examples of religious practices and thoughts on what life means.

Animals are regarded as our living counterparts, in some instances they are taken into our hearts and kept as pets or extensions to our households, in other examples they are used as industrious land workers or used for tasks that man can not physically do.

What interested me was the sense of spirit which seemed to be at the heart of each of the personal accounts.  People referred to animals as having a spiritual link to them, in many examples it was the sense of spirit which connected man and animal in life.  The sense of spirit or the link to lives shared is an odd thing to talk of as it could be the emotive link or the cultural historical element which is a part of the eco social structure of society.  If it is emotional or cultural, to do with the way we practice our lives or in a little of all of these, the overall response to the question of what animals mean is that we have a sense of there being more to animals and to life than what is in the physical.  There is a sense of spirit which may not be a conventional understanding of what spirituality could mean, it could be a spirit which is a link to life over anything else but still has a defined sense amongst both people and animals, it is spirit which is sensed by all and a sense of spirit in life which seems to act as a positive influence in the two areas of life.

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