Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: May 13, 2015

Spirit children.

Children in spirit are as loved as they were in life.

Often people will have poignant and emotional questions about children in spirit, they will ask about how they pass over, if they are looked after and who does the taking care of the children.

Children who have passed to spirit are never left to be fearful, to feel alone or to be aware of past symptoms of illness.  At a time of passing there will always be someone in spirit to watch over them, to help and ease the transition of a child to spirit, there will be others who do help to keep these children in spirit and who have a care for them.  These spirits may be loved ones known to the children from life.

The loss of a child is never something that one can anticipate.  One can sense the pain of the loss, the spirit children are aware of their loved ones and they have a link to them always.  Spirit children have their own sense of what their life was, their experiences are watched over by other spirit who all have a link to them.  Spirits who watch children who have passed do sometimes refer to themselves in a message to loved ones, validate who they are and how the children are.  Spirit children are the children in life we love, they have the same sense of life, of fun.  The children do not always remain the same age at which they passed from life and can age in spirit.  Their spirits are always looked after, watched over and spirit children are loved by relatives, friends and spirits who are with them.

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