Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: April 29, 2015

Spirits and what links are…in Private Readings and Public Demonstrations.

Spirits can be of loved ones, individuals in life one has known, friends and far distant relatives.  It isn’t always who one expects who comes through in a message but links are always pieces of information which should be validated.

Links or messages can be given by spirits in both private readings and demonstrations.  A link may have information relevant to the past, the here and now or for an event to come, but even if a spirit would like to talk about something particular which is not known of as of that day there will be some link or a way to validate what is being said.

All you need to know about Private Readings:

Private readings are often one to one periods of time when someone can sit with a medium and have a three way dialogue with someone who has passed.

You can ask questions in a private reading.  Questions can and should be put to both the medium and the spirit who is talking with their loved one or acquaintance.

Private readings do not always only include one spirit for the length of time of the session.  There may be only one spirit who is able to address their loved one or there may be a number of spirits who would like to put across a message.

In a private reading there is often more time to talk about historical events, incidents and life moments of which spirit and their loved ones may have a knowledge of and would like to bring up.

A private reading can also be used for psychometric readings when an object from a loved one or a photograph can be linked to by the medium.

All you need to know about Demonstrations:

A Demonstration of spirit messages is often held in a hall or open room where many people will be able to sit and listen to a medium’s links to spirit and their messages.

As time is limited in a demonstration of spirit links to a lot of people there will often not be time to note as many life incidents or links from spirit, there will sometimes be a name link or a symbolic reference that will mean something to both parties.

Sometimes two or three people may be able to take the same information from a spirit link and it is important for people not to quickly think a message is for them but to offer that they can take the information and wait for the medium to clearly identify that the message is for them.

There may be spirits who link to someone but as there are a lot of other energies in the room, the same spirit may only link with shorter messages for a loved one.

Often physical activity can take place in a room set for demonstration of spirit messages as there is a lot of energy and messages all linking to different people.

In each private reading or demonstration it is important that any information is validated by the people who knew the individual who has passed to spirit.

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