Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: April 22, 2015

Visible Reports of spirit.

If one relies on what one views in films or fictional stories of the more ghostly like spirits then one may easily be led to think that all spirits or anything spiritual is of the white sheet ghoulish variety.

Reports of seen spirit can vary from moments of brief visible first hand experience at a haunted location to actual photographed evidence.  There are differences in the forms of sighted evidence, there may be unexplained lights caught on camera known as Orbs or partial to full form physical apparition.

Materialisation is a term used to report a sighted physical form of spirit, and this is usually an identifiable figure which can be partially seen to not as visible or a life like resemblance of someone in life.

There are many instances when visible sighted reports of spirit do cause intriguing questions.  In a physical séance there are many possible explanations for why visible sighting of spirits are noted as experiences.  Ectoplasm is one term, well known from film, but perhaps not as well known for its scientific base of it being:

  • Ectoplasm (as in cell biology), it can be the outer part of the cytoplasm in a scientific classification of molecular structure.
  • Ectoplasm (paranormal), supposed physical substance that manifests by or through the physical product of individuals in a physical sitting and because of the spiritual energy or psychic phenomenon.
  • As a material Ectoplasm is something which has been visibly noted to be able to be formed into a partial or full physical resemblance of a part of someone’s body of full on form, it has been reported that it can look and feel as life like as if someone is face to face with another individual.  

Spirits can appear in visible evidence and are intriguing as many people can view what has been noted and have their own objective opinion.  Visible evidence of spirits have through the ages been focused on as interesting and are far and wide from that of the represented images one may see in films or fiction.

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