Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: December 3, 2014

Messages from spirit can be in image, word or sense form.  There may be a spirit who has an important message for a loved one this side and it is something that they may show through a connection to an imagery reference, something that loved one will know, it will be that link and that reference which makes the difference.  A word about the past or in the link to a shared time the message can be that base from spirit in supporting a loved one in a definitive time.  A sense of presence or a sense of something experienced can be a feeling linked to by a spirit and it will be how the medium interprets what happened to the spirit or a loved one.  It is important for these links to be a supported reference, a validated link to the spirit and a way of bringing a loved one and a passed individual into contact with each other.

A spirit does not have any rules to abide by in referencing a message.  The sense of someone may be by smell, feeling or emotion.  The smell can be an objective referral to a scent loved by that individual and for a few moments it will be a physical provider of a link to who they were in life.

Always know that someone who has passed has that element of spirit which still links them to you.  The love of someone who has passed can be linked to anyone who allows for that link to be shown.

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