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Author: | Posted on: October 29, 2014

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At this near time of Halloween, I thought I would share with you, this little piece of All Hallow’s eve inspiration.

All Hallow’s eve is a festive celebration which has originated in religious faith and custom.  Halloween far from a scare fest, is meant to link to the land and the cycle of growth, rebirth and positive nourishing of human life.

It is a time which has links to the shortening of the day and the closing in of the colder months.  The idea that at a certain moment it is destined that spooks, spirits and ghouls should be seen is one which is involved with the crop cycle and the colder months, it was felt that one should protect the harvest and the home from the spirits who would awaken at this time in the calendar and might have aims to taint all the positive work which had been done on the land to furnish the home.  It was with this at heart that tactical practical physical methods were put in to keeping one’s crops and home from these spirits or sprites of the night.

It is at Halloween that we have an absolute connection to the traditional aspect of people from many hundreds of years and it is at Halloween one has to admit that the lighter side of the faith or sceptic’s view on spirit will awaken.

A quote from a spirit trance in a physical séance…

At this brink of Halloween

With spirits afar ready to be seen

New brooms you use to sweep clean

The old ways, the reminders of which had deigned to last

You start a new, with no links to the remainder of the past

With the brooms you sweep, one and two…

And as you do

You sweep out the old

You await with the new.


In a physical séance the trance did later have children spirits and it was with their voices this was noted…

Trick or treat Trick or treat

Mind the many ghouls you’ll a meet

Be them friend or be them foe

Be them good or be them bad

Be them happy be them sad

You’ll be a trick or treating

With all us many lasses and lads.


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