Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: February 6, 2024

As from now on, each week the Crossing Conceptions part of this website will not only contain an inspirational article but a specifically given personal spirit reading. Please do read on for the message or messages included on the latter part of this page.

Challenge Yourself.

In taking on small challenges, one can build themselves up far beyond anything that they might have thought possible.

Often acknowledging slow progress or acceptance of tackling something in parts can be a good way to success. In feeling overwhelmed about something, that can itself be difficult to move on from and cause a halt. However if you break it down, try to achieve it bit by bit, then it can become far more achievable.

Similarly in readings, sometimes one smaller part of a message can be significant to the overall meaning. When those loved ones give us that encouragement it can be a big boost to our attempts to making improvements and succeeding in them.

Spirit Readings.

A gentleman, someone who has passed and is a grandfather and with two nephews, would like to say to those two gentlemen stop what you are doing and think about your grandmother. There is a lot to be said for business and making a success but do it with your own foundation. He loves his family and he wants the best but he is sure that his words should remind them how to achieve a sense of security and positive rewards.

Until next time I give these messages to you with light and love.

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