Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: August 27, 2014

It is not always the loved one and people we were friends with in life who are thought of when spirit are discussed.  There is an element of fear that people can have of spirit.

It is interesting as a medium to link how spirit is thought of to all the ideas that people have about what spirit is.  There are thoughts about how spirit can be negative or should have an element of fear about it and there are those who feel that the only spirit can be of people who have not moved on but are out there in an aim to frighten people out of their normal lives.

There are people who have no views on what spirit are or do not like to talk about experiences in their own lives or that of others.  There are people who feel that the idea of spirit is not something that they believe in.  There are in a similar way spirit who lived lives with ideas about what passing on would be and what spirit are.  In those situations it is interesting to note the way that spirit act and link with a loved one.

Spirit who do not know they have passed over may have some difficulty in accepting or believing that they have passed.  It is with these spirit that there are sometimes a report of physical activity and it is as this occurs that some note activity which may be thought of as frightening but is a spirit or spirits trying to have people around them know that they are there.

Spirit often pass with no problems and can be a link or someone who gives a message to a loved person in a way they would have done in life.

Spirit who mediums link with are in a situation of a reading an individual who has passed and would like to give a message to a loved one this side.

There are spirit who have views as they did have in life.  Spirit who find their lives differed as they pass but the interesting part is that spirit only have an aim to show that their life is full of love for those they had a link to and while there are different spirit and links to loved ones how they link is as interesting as the information and evidence they supply.

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