Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: August 6, 2014

Each spirit encounter is something that is exceptional.

Spirit can come to us and regularly do visit with their loved ones in many differed forms.  It is not as if one is only able to experience spirit through one means or by going through someone else.

Spirit individuals can be around us in many forms.  The love of spirit is something that we know if we have around and it is by this sense that many have that instant of knowing if they are doing something in the right way or if they should be going to that place or not.

It is in having a person turn out to help when it is needed or an individual stop and give assistance when no one else was there and it is when you are left to think that there is no love shown from someone who has passed only to a few minutes later find a link to something they used to have or know laying by your side.  Spirit do not have to show themselves through a spirit related link to be there they can and on an numerous occasion will through love be at the fore front of something needed in our lives.

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