Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: December 8, 2021


Spirituality can have multiple meanings for different people and should not be confused with spiritualism.

Spiritualism is often used as a referral to the idea that those who have passed can and do have the inclination to indicate information to people this side of life. Spirituality depending on the context in which it is being used, can be linked to spiritualism but this does not have to apply and the reference to it can differ greatly.

Over history the word spirituality has been used to encompass a way of living, a belief in a set of principles, and it has referred to some who use it to link with a religious thinking and for some it has a more direct reference to evidence of spirit.

Often as a word spirituality does imply a link to spirit and in the majority of examples people who think of the meaning as an ideology act in accordance with what they think spirit means. There is the psychology aspect that defines spirituality as a way of attaining a self awareness because of a more subjective experience, this can be seen through the act of meditation. Some take to the social inclusion of the idea that spirituality should indicate an expression of kindness to one another.

Spirituality is an idea that has a lot of significance for many in life. It is often used to think about, live with or have a positive influence on what happens in life, as a way to indicate what spirit can mean and how one may achieve a way of living.

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