Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: July 16, 2014


Spirit can be there if support is needed.  We have had many readings which have gone on to prove that if a spirit links with a loved one often it is because they have a reason for doing so.

In our lives my GrandParents  have given messages to show their support for us and have through the information they showed had a way of helping us when we did not know they could.

Spirit are not lost and because the physical support may not evidence itself in the way it once did that does not mean the love they have to be any less important.

Spirit are the same as the loved ones we know this side and it can be that in spirit their way of being with us is not physically what it once was but is a link to their ability to be that person we need.

Spirit are positioned through their ability to have a link to the past and what is going to then be for the ones they love, in spirit those people who look out for us can be the ones who have that role only in spirit they have more ability to do this.

In life there can be a time where we have to let someone else help and sometimes spirit can do things which link what we need to what happens.  A person’s love for someone does not end with a passing and it is that love which can help them give a message to someone at a time in a life when it is needed the most.

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