Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: October 16, 2013

Spirit are a constant in a life of unexpected and surprising moments.  We as mediums refer to spirit of loved ones, of those who are able to offer strength and information when we need it the most.

Through getting in contact with spirit and allowing them to be able to practically demonstrate what they wish a medium in essence is the join between those who have passed and those this side.

Spirit are not the ghoulish images one sees from films or imagines as frightening concepts who have just walked out of a set up movie.  Spirit are the same people we loved.

In life those we know and remember will be the same as entities who want their loving thoughts to still be a part of your life.

Demonstrations when a medium is giving direct contact is a time for those who have passed to speak to family or individual relatable members on a large scale and through specific imagery validate who they are and what they have to say.

Readings of a one to one kind have become more well known as they give an opportunity for someone to ask questions and laugh about old events shared from the side of which we live and from someone who has passed.

Opinions on mediums and spirit has come on and it is no longer felt that when people see, sense or hear from a person who has passed that it is either scare laden or not to be talked about.  Many events which I have experienced have been heart felt ones in which something has occurred that has provoked belief, assured sense and renewed faith.

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