Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: August 11, 2021


There can be many different experiences of important events and personally, I have been told about a very emotional time whereby one experience provoked contemplative thought and a poignant response to it.

It was at the passing of a dearly loved and much looked up to brother, son and father, that a family had gathered. It was a relative who was at close proximity to the person and upon the time of the individual’s passing, that she felt her own breath momentarily pause. As she saw her loved one pass, a blue round light was seen in the same room and at that particular time. A few minutes later and several unexplained blue lights were noted and then after the individual’s passing, one large blue light was seen to move very quickly. Rapidly the blue light appeared to move, it went around the room and then out of the window.

The experience shocked the relative. She had not been a person prone to having experienced anything like that of the referenced moment before. It had been at first confusing but she reportedly felt that in the passing of time, the specific experience brought her a sense of positive reflection. It had been significant. It had been extraordinary. It had been a personal and insightful revelation.

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