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Author: | Posted on: May 12, 2021

Sleeping Symbolically?

Sleeping and the associated meaning of what happens during this process, has long proved to be a topic of both mystery and controversy.

A historical path which has suggested that the ancient Australian thoughts about animism and even 7th Century stories which have sprung from dreams around King Gilgamesh give weight to the idea that there might be more to dreams than first thought, and in fact more in what one experiences than just the visions which come to you when you are snuggled deep into your bed.

Determination and definitions surrounding the meaning of dreams have varied and shifted through time and cultures. Actual dream interpretations date back as roughly early as 5000-4000 BC. This is known because the earliest dreams to be recorded were acquired from materials dating back approximately around 5,000 years, in Mesopotamia, the dreams were documented on clay tablets. In both Greek and Roman eras, the people believed that dreams were direct messages from the gods, or from those who have passed and that there was the possible notion they predicted the future.

Certain cultures practiced dream incubation; most vividly depicted with the intention of cultivating dreams that are insightful and known as prophetic. In Egypt such practices were maintained as it was felt that if care and awareness were given to such areas of the consciousness then much healing, advice (in the form of Oracles) and knowledge could be achieved. Intentionally endeavouring to be alert to the visions and images in dreams was thought to ascertain both sleep symbolism and meaning.

Elephants, dogs and cats join other ranges of mammals and reptiles can experience visions and thoughts whilst asleep. It is usual to witness such nocturnal activity alongside the sleeping running – or movement of legs and forelegs as if the individual is physically chasing a bone or trying to dig away at something. This cute image is one which hides a more invasive thought regarding the basis for such stimulating dreams. It raises the question of dream activity and if it is just memory laced or a soulful, panning out of latent desires or aims?

The spiritual significance of dreams can be vast and varied according to belief structure, knowledge and historical relevance. What does seem to overlap into many categories of thought on the subject of sleep, dreaming and symbolic meaning is that intrigue into what the process can suggest, infer or teach people about themselves and their lives.

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