Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: March 24, 2021


As an ability, mediumship has always been demonstrated and historically it has provided some intriguing evidence.

It is important that any mediumship be separated from psychic ability. Psychic intuition can provide information about a someone or a life relating to them but mediumship is focused on a particular message or channel from an individual in spirit to someone else.

Any mediumship, if demonstrated should prove as accurate and this should be a priority.  If, a medium is reputable then there should be the basis for informative evidence. Accurate information should be given as part of a message from spirit or spirits to recipients and this validated proof should make up the majority of any sitting.

Timing can be everything, in the sense that every part of a message might not be fully appreciated at one time but even these points should be carefully thought about as they could become important at a later date.

Mediums are not always the right fit for particular individuals in spirit and it is imperative that both should feel at ease, if a message is to be passed on. As in life, certain people feel comfortable with each other and similarly mediums and spirits have to be able to work with each other to achieve a positive result.

Mediumship has over the ages been a means for a display or show and this might not always be suitable for every message. Often there can be a private element to a message and the relevance of it should have meaning for only those who are meant to share in it.  While there is an aspect of mediumship that can be demonstrated, it is vital that the integrity and meaning in a message is never lost.

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