Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: October 16, 2019

Spiritual Dictionary.

There are certain words that can be used when conversing about spiritual matters. In defining these particular associations to spirit, one can gage a better understanding and usage of the specific terms.

Number one of course has to be the word itself, spirit. Spirit is the most referred to word when defining or talking about an entity. Not to be mixed up with or confused with the word ghost which is separate in meaning, the spirit refers to the spiritual essence which has moved on from the physical body, upon the passing of a person.

Ghost – this is an earthbound entity who has not moved over to the other side, spirit side. Trapped or through decision, a ghost can sometimes portray the physical traits of injuries sustained during their lifetime. Ghosts can yet to understand that they have passed. This could be because of a trauma which has been sudden. A ghost will often display earthly aspects of their lives and this can be an indication of what has happened to them.

Vortex – is an area where spirits are likely to pass through because of a type of frequency or ease of atmosphere.

Bleed through – when an emotion subject to a time or event is strong enough that people feel as if simply by being in the same location they have regressed back to that particular era in time.

Imprint – is when a location has been witness to extreme emotion and this heightened sense of feeling will replicate itself over for people within that same vicinity. It is a bit akin to a show reel which can play over for people to experience what has happened there.

I hope this small collection of vocabulary clarifies some of the most often used spiritual terms.

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