Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: October 9, 2013

If you live with the knowledge of spirit around you, you live with renewed passion.

Spirit are the people we loved, the ones we held dear only now those individuals who have moved to a not so far but remarkable residence a breath away from our own.

When we think about the concepts of life and moments that leave us stressed those seconds can be the same which actually spirit can help with.  We need to be aware that there are many energies which surround us daily and aid in task or things we need to do.  There is nothing so evident to show this as recently when I had to place an online order for an item we really relied on and had run out of but on ordering the retailer stated the product would not be available for at least 2 to 3 weeks.  It was not the news we expected and so without much else to be done we had to accept it.  Not too long after this a spirit was seen of a family member and oddly he was one who loved the same thing which was being shopped for and in a quick realisation of the fact I asked if he could maybe help from spirit side to hurry the process.. The smile came from him but we did not know if he could or would do this.  A day later an email came from the suppliers shocked and lost for words they explained that when they went to fulfil the order to their amazement not only was the anticipated object there sitting patiently to be boxed but they were not able to reason it.

The order was sent out direct.  It arrived in 2 to 3 days not weeks and what’s more the online retailer’s email was one which contained a lot of confusion at how it had come to be that something which should not have been there and had not been recorded as stock was not only waiting to be packed but that it was placed right with the other parts of the order.  The supplier was somewhat lost for an explanation but the purpose behind it was clear.  We thanked the spirit, the very same who when the box arrived, was delighted with the content and made sure we were all able to enjoy it too.


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