Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: April 23, 2014

Spirit of loved individuals who were a part of our every day are not lost when they pass to spirit and this is shown as they give messages in support of who they were.

In a message often these same loved ones will talk about the lives they had, the people they love and in finding their shared moments from the past, people once more find their future with the knowledge that their relatives and friends support never leaves them.

Even though we don’t note them by their physical presence, spirit are still by our side.

In having knowledge that a passing is not a final stage of life but a move from one level to another, individual paths do come into touch with each other again and their love is not lost.

This is important as lives continue and people still live but even as we do not have the same tie to them, the significance they have in who they were and their ability to be the person you knew will remain.

In understanding this our thoughts on passing will no longer be the same as that feeling of loss will be replaced with the realisation the spirit can be with us much easier.

People who pass will in fact share in our lives much more than they ever were able to when they were this side as in spirit the past, present and what will be is all something that can be referred to and is a means that brings aid at that time that a person will need it.  There is no difficulty for spirit to be near to those they love and when a passing is timely it will then act as a moment where someone realises that perspectives on life may only just begin.

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