Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: May 15, 2019

Furry Heroes.

Animals can in many ways be inspirational. They offer love, loyalty and care, even when we might feel alone or as if nobody can comprehend how we feel.

Rabbit to the Rescue: Actually this true story of a rabbit hero is not as trivial or humorous as the title might suggest. Serious as it is, many find it hard to believe how a rabbit could save the life of a man.

In a home was a giant rabbit who was treated as a much loved family pet, he lived in his basket at the side of the living room. On one evening the gentleman of the house had been feeling ill but not wanting to worry his wife, he spoke nothing of his feeling of tightness in his chest. Instead trying to explain it away, he took to his favourite chair and began to watch some TV. The man’s wife had been in the kitchen and not able to see her husband at the time. The giant rabbit had been watching his owner though and all of a sudden he took from his basket and hopped quickly over to the seat where the gentleman had silently fallen unconscious.

Unbeknown to his wife in the kitchen, the gentleman had suffered a heart attack. The giant rabbit jumped up on to the gentleman and proceeded to pound at the man’s chest. The energetic movement and motion of the rabbit alerted the wife to something being wrong. She rushed into the lounge to see the rabbit frantically working at the man’s chest, pounding at him with his back feet.

Having telephoned the emergency services, it seemed a peculiar but tremendous life saver moment to experience. The rabbit carried out his pounding of his paws on the gentleman’s chest all the time up to the point when the paramedics came in and took over the scene. It was later explained that what the rabbit had done, how quick he had been to respond had not only alerted the wife to take action but had kept the owner’s heart beating until help had reached him and had ultimately saved his life.

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