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Author: | Posted on: May 1, 2019

Medicine Wheel.

The Medicine Wheel is somewhat of an inspirational concept, it has long been thought about as being a Spiritual Compass. It represents and presents the four elements of the wheel which are Air, Water, Fire and Earth and the four directions that are North, East, South and West.

The Medicine Wheel can be referred to by the term of Sacred Hoop, It can be a literal allusion to the Sacred circle that we hold in life. Started in Native America the Medicine Wheel has over generations been used in traditions to represent the four basic directions, elements and intriguingly the Animal totems which act as a guardian of each of these corners. Animals are an integral aspect of many spiritual and cultural beliefs and I have included for you, the notions behind the associated animalistic representations.

The four animals are:

The Bear – a keeper for the West, good reserves of energy as they take their time. In accomplishing tasks it is to the Bear we look for finding reserves of strength from within. Physically able, bears adore to take full scope of new heights and do this through climbing trees and achieving new levels from which to look about the landscapes, this gives us the idea that we should too broach new horizons. Bears are resourceful and have been known to look inside themselves for the solution to a problem.  A fondness for honey gives them a sweet outlook on life but they balance this through a fierceness of protectiveness. The bear tells us that it is all right to be who you are, encourages taking a stand and commanding power. Keen animals in undertaking a path and sensing the right route, they can be fine examples of guiding totems.

The Buffalo – of the North, is a link to abundance, they have a grounding in life and are animals who show that initiative can help you attain success. Synchronised and honouring the sense of self, the buffalo is a spiritual symbol and animal in the Native American tribe culture, who shows that opportunities should be taken decisively.

The Eagle – is the Spirit guide of the Eastern quadrant. Message bearers and understanding of new heights, along with diversity, are shown in this gallant striking bird. The inner-strength and visionary power are attributes of control and a swiping motion are examples of an abilities to be both predator and instigator. Visionary and foreshadowing of events to come give the Eagle a link between the Earth and the Sky and in spiritual relation this gives this animal a potent and positive connection to clairvoyance.

The Mouse – is the animal symbol of the Southern Quarter. The mouse is a dreamer and because of this can sometimes be disinterested in real-life situations. Inconsistency and confusions can be a mere normality in their life and creatures of the night they often live by more cosy and confined means. In storing and pouring their resourcefulness into homes they can be the best nest builders and family makers. They can make such a lot out of very little resources and are good examples of thrifty saving. The Mouse can teach us that appearances can be deceptive.

I hope that through these animal representations, messages of life-associative meaning can be gained. They are useful links to thoughts and ideas that have been building blocks for ancestors and are applicable to the lives lived today.

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