Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: August 29, 2018

Think about it, but do it too!

In messages and subsequent speech from spirits, particular examples have often shown that humour-filled or more poignant reminders, can serve as motivation for people on this side of life.

Spirits over many generations have given time and effort to finding a way to talk to their loved ones and remind them that while thought is necessary, procrastination should not take over from practical realisation of a positive aim or ambition.

It can be all too easy to take a bit of a back seat when it comes to the often tough practical side of doing in life but spirits can be the first to tell those important to them, that taking up a moment for all that it can be, is crucial.

One rule does by no way fit all and of course every case is individual but it is truly inspiring to note how many spirits have a support network for their loved ones in life and how motivation can be a useful form of evidence for those recipients of a spirit’s love.

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