Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: June 13, 2018

Conforming to the conversation?

A spirit reading is often the chance for loved ones to reunite again through conversation.  In a one to one reading, usually within the confines of a private room, a sitter can converse with a spirit or spirits of people known to them in life.  On these occasions questions can come up about significant personally pertinent information.

A medium will more often than not simply be in a position to pass information from spirits to sitter.  This might be through direct references of sight, hearing, sense or a combination of all three.  Impressions can be given and indications of what would like to be said to someone.  Conforming to a conversation is only felt in that of the medium being able to stipulate what is being given in terms of evidence.  The sitters can and should be sure that they can validate any information that is passed to them in a message.  Questions can be asked and while not every aspect of an issue might be shown by spirits at that particular juncture in time or by a person that one might have expected, through queries more in-depth information can be gathered.

My experience of spirits who converse with people is that they do so with a conversational tone.  There is nothing to stop people from talking, posing questions or feeling totally at ease with those same much loved or known spirits with whom they have shared important moments from life.

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