Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: May 9, 2018

Similarity and Difference.

People are not all the same and that is a lesson that can be learnt throughout life.  There is much that can be learnt from our ability to recognise what is good and positive in each other, because in doing this growth and understanding can come in many forms.

Spirits who have individual preferences, appearances and might have uniquely recognised talents have evidenced these examples of themselves through references and in a validation of who they are, there can be a lot to be appreciated about why this is so important.  Individuality is significant to our ability to be aware of our own identity and what this can mean to the rest of our families, friends, communities and wider societies.  It is in being individual and recognising what we can do that everybody can benefit.

I often think that working with spirit is a blessing in itself because it is by meeting people and spirits that it provokes thought and evaluation of different ideas.  Recognising what the situations of spirits have meant and why they choose to reference them for other people can in itself be a life lesson.  Similarity, it can be seen and appreciated and difference too, can be the cause for learning and embracing possibilities.

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