Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: February 28, 2018


There are times for everybody, when you might think that you should keep silent about a subject that means a lot to you.  It could be that you do not feel comfortable to talk in-depth about it.  Desperately thought of questions that only you know of and feel that no one else could ever broach might become hills which turn into mountains in your own consciousness.  These situations may well be based on predicaments or less serious but still emotionally charged subjects.

The kind of questions that you might keep quiet can also be the very same that spirits of loved ones or acquaintances feel important to bring up in a message.  A conversation with spirits can be confronting but examples of two ways of thought on a single issue can be poignant evidence in itself.

If you have thought of a subject that only you know and this is then answered by a spirit in a message, this can be a relief for both sides.  The times when you might think that you have no one to talk to, those can be the very same when someone in spirit is watching over you and is desperate to get that emotional response out, when it is needed the most.

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