Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: March 5, 2014

There is so often something that keeps us too busy and not able to notice the things which are happening in smaller or less attention attracting focus.

With incident and occasions happening around us, all trying to grab our attention, it sometimes will be those smaller concerns that just move further until they no longer seem as if we should give any time to them at all.

It is necessary to breath in and out and occasionally look at our lives.  To ask if we do represent that person we should to people who matter most and are a part of our day to day.

Spirit often talk about how they look at what we do and help to strengthen our ability in looking after one another.  We each have our own part in making lives of those we love more fulfilled and happier.

Dis ability as a word is something which does not in any way mean what it should.  People are all abled in their own way and it is this difference in what we have on the inside or out which means that we each have a level of ability.

People who have different levels of ability, those of us who have to go through times of not being at our physical normality or those who feel that their own families and friends do not link to them as they feel they need to all have spirit connections who watch over them.

Spirit talk about assisting or helping those individuals who were important to them when they were this side because when they pass their concerns for the people they love do not become any less but become more vital.

There are so many moments when we come across things each day we might not agree with or do not like but this does not mean we can let them matter any less to us.  The instinct is so often to let things go if they confront us in anything other than the way would like but if we were just to give these same issues a few moments and try to make that one difference no matter how small it makes that same concern so much less of a problem and more something which connects us.  There are all kinds of obstacles young and old have to get over and each one is important and they all mean something both to us and to those who have a relationship to them from spirit.

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