Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: January 17, 2018

On Trend.

Trending, on-trend and of the time might be phrases applicable to many of us at one moment or another.  They can be states that we aspire to or use and perhaps sometimes overuse but as terms they definitely allude to what is occurring at that particular juncture.

Spirits’ messages about the latest or most recent can be humour filled because while an awareness about what is going on or liked can be good evidence, it is often given with an idea about why it is important.

In our lives being on-trend can sometimes have a different and temporary meaning but there have been times when spirits talk about the relevance of a particular achievement or accomplishment in owning something as a significant memory.  Being able to know the meaning that comes into why it has been aspired to or for how it is significant is important because it is with this knowledge that the relevance of it is felt in lives.  Why a grandparent saved to own a particular brand of shoe or car may not have the same meaning for everyone but for those for whom it features as a message it can mean so very much.

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