Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: February 12, 2014

So many times in one’s life leave a person to sit and question if there is something more than what they physically consider, if there is an explanation for the things which happen.

Experiencing spirit, or having experiences in which one can feel spirit has taught that although there may be so many points at which one is left feeling as their questions have not been taken in, their problems have not been helped in actual facts they have but this may not be in the way one has anticipated.

When someone is going through a problem or feels as if things are too difficult to come back from, of course the first thing someone might put out is a plead for aid in the means of which they believe will be of the most use.

You give this time and if it does not happen then your heart does loose a little of its happiness because it means that no one has considered what you have asked or done as you view as necessary.  There is a base in all of us which makes us want to put forward our own solutions to the problems we have.

Far from being the only answer many times one might have different occurrences which mean as much for us, or will be the factor that makes a difference but may not give the exact same aid one has asked for though this still has the same meaning in our lives.

We do have a life which sets out our views in the short terms and by not being able to know what is going to happen in long terms there might be that helping moment that comes and does do exactly what you need but they will not always meet your beliefs of what it is.

Do not believe that you are being left out or not looked out for because your problem has been helped but differently to what you had planned for or would idealistically be.

We do not always have the answers to hand or the reasons but there have been many times which have shown help is given when it should be and by the method of which it will be the most appreciated even if that is not right at that time but later on in one’s life.

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