Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: May 3, 2017

Pets in spirit.

Many times in a reading individuals have been taken aback by how and who is able to give a message to them.

Spirits of loved ones can come through, relatives, acquaintances and people not well known in life can all give messages but often it is the pets who provide the most intriguing of responses.

Pets of loved dogs, cats and other particular companions can give insight from spirit and sometimes it is how they looked at the individual moments of their lives with their loved ones that can be truly unique.

Often pets can be a reassuring companion in life, they can give healing of both a physical and mental type and when lost they may be felt to have gone from an owner’s life.  There have been messages from pets in spirit to loved ones that have referred to particular loves that they have had and preferences that have gone from the hilarious to the most loving of experiences.  Pets in spirit have gone on to be examples of the fact that once they are loved then their love for the people in their lives is not ever lost.

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