Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: March 1, 2017


Spirit messages can be poignant, breathtaking, intriguing and individual to them.  It is important that each and every piece of evidence can be validated and in messages spirits can enhance someone’s recognition of who they have been in life and who they are in spirit.

In turn when a recipient of a message can verify who is giving them a message or what the information can mean for them they may each have their own individual means of acknowledging this.  It is sometimes harder to keep not knowing, when evidence of spirit can show that their love is there, there can be much relief.

Individual spirits have their own means of putting the content of their message to a medium.  It could be that visuals are important for them and images are shown, noises could be given as representative of the past and what is occurring now for them and in lives of that of their loved ones.  Smells, sight, sound and senses can all be vital in interpreting a message from spirit but what is imperative is that validation of each individual.

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