Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: February 22, 2017

There are many methods by which a medium may be able to pass a message from spirit to a loved one or ones. These could include Clairsentience in a clear feeling, Clairaudience from clearly perceiving sound and Clairvoyance in obtaining information by sight.

Each of these abilities, be it through sense, audio or vision can aid a medium in gaining information about a spirit or spirits and then in passing this on to the recipients of a message. A medium will often have a preference for one of these methods and sometimes all three can combine in aiding information for a message.

A medium may do a Psychometry reading from an object and this is when information is gained by touching or using something associated with a person who has passed or someone who information would like to be gained about. In this method of reading an object is used as the basis for the message.

A medium depends on the spirits who give information and the method by which the message will come through may vary according to the preference of spirit or medium. Validation is important for any method and the message should be one that gives the recipient a knowledge of someone or people known to them.

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