Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: October 12, 2016


When a spirit is mentioned often people will refer to their thoughts on looks and appearance.  In everyday life it can be the element upon which much is assumed and thought because looks can link to memories of someone.

In spirit while appearance is important, it can also be basis upon which someone builds on memory links.  Appearance can be used for a spirit to reassure about how they look again because often in spirit how you felt at your optimum can be represented in your appearance.

A spirit is generally never in looks likened to that of the ghoulish, gory gimmicks in horror films, unless of course they would like to cause a fright and even then the white sheet or scary scenarios are not the method of many.  In all seriousness, spirits will often refer to how they liked to look, a preferred scent, a dress and hair styles can all be important references for a spirit when they link with someone.

Looks in life depend on many different intentions but in spirit looks are often a means for when someone would like to represent an identity.  A reflection of when someone was at their happiest and what they would like to say can all be linked to how someone looks.

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