Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: October 5, 2016


Messages can have many meanings according for who they are meant and what they contain.  Spirits who give messages often do so to validate who they are, to give reassurance of their well being and to link loved ones with the information that they would like them to understand.

Interpreting a message can be about translating a multitude of images, references and information.  Emotion can sometimes dictate a spirit’s memories and along with the links could be tears of relief about what has been a shared experience referred to once more.

Spirits can give messages for many different types of occasion, event and reason.  They will more often than not like to be a part of loving reunions, exciting news and for their loved ones to be made aware that they can be glad for those pleasurable occasions too.

A message should be able to be validated, ideally information can be noted for a timely acknowledgement of each part of what has been said and ultimately it should be able to link loved ones through irrefutable evidence of spirit survival and love.

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